ACQUITY UPLC Aflatoxin Analysis Kit

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Accurately Quantitate Aflatoxins

The ACQUITY UPLC Aflatoxin Analysis Applications Kit in combination with the ACQUITY UPLC System and ACQUITY FLR Detector, enable food testing laboratories to rapidly and accurately quantitate aflatoxins.
The kit includes:

  • Large Volume FLR Flow Cell
  • Aflatoxin Analysis Empower 3 Project CD (containing instrument, acquisition, and reporting method)
  • Aflatoxins Application Note

No Derivatization Required

 The Aflatoxin Analysis Application Kit’s Large Volume FLR Flow Cell enhances the signal of analytes by increasing residence time within the flow cell. This allows for the detection and quantification of aflatoxins without post column derivatization. With fewer instrument modules involved in the analysis, food testing laboratories can improve overall efficiency by reducing training, method troubleshooting, and system maintenance.

Faster Analyses

For UPLC-based aflatoxin analyses, runs are completed in approximately 4.5 min – a decrease of over 60% compared to traditional HPLC. In addition, by employing UPLC, solvent usage has been reduced by 85%.