XBridge Column

Particle stability and performance for methods development

Withstanding extreme operating conditions like high pH and high temperatures is essential for methods development. XBridge HPLC and UHPLC Columns utilize Ethylene Bridged Hybrid (BEH) Particle Technology and are built to withstand high pH, high temperatures, and other extreme operating conditions like volatile eluents, for a wide range of small molecule and biomolecule LC-MS analysis.

XBridge HPLC and UHPLC Columns are available in a broad range of sorbent particles and sizes: XBridge eXtended Perfomance (XP) 2.5 µm Columns for rapid analytical UHPLC separations; 3.5 and 5 µm HPLC columns for reliable analytical method development; and 5 and 10 µm optimum bed density (OBD) preparative columns for purification chromatography.


  • Provides high pH stability and chemical resistance for reliability and longevity
  • Enables maximum method development flexibility
  • Available in a range of BEH column chemistries: C18, C8, Shield RP18, Phenyl, HILIC, and Amide fully scalable 2.5 XP, 3.5, 5 μm analytical, and 10 μm OBD preparative particle sizes and column formats
  • Application-specific columns for proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, and glycan analysis
  • Prolongs column lifetimes with optional XBridge VanGuard Cartridges

Recommended Use: For methods development flexibility with improved analyte peak shape and recovery, even under extreme operating conditions.

Built with BEH for mechanical strength and chemical stability

Ethylene Bridged Hybrid (BEH) particle technology ensures maximum column performance and longer column lifetimes under all chromatographic conditions. The hybrid particle technology offers many advantages over conventional silica-based particles, including the ability to control silanol activity for better reproducibility, peak shape, and efficiency. The BEH particle is created from two high purity monomers: tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) and bis(triethoxysilyl) ethane (BTEE), which results in highly stable, pH resistant, and mechanically strong particles that set the performance standard for method development. BEH particle technology allows for seamless transfer from analytical to preparative separations.

Highest pH stability

XBridge HPLC and UHPLC Columns offer higher mobile-phase pH stability than any other commercially available chromatographic phase, making it ideal for method development. Unlike approaches that claim high pH resistance, the pH stability of these columns is created by utilizing proprietary surface modifications and is incorporated into the particle synthesis process.

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