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Delivering Value Through Connected Science and Enabling Lab Evolution

waters_connect is an Informatics platform that helps analytical labs, their scientists, and extended ecosystem explore, discover, and push the boundaries of how laboratories use information, producing faster scientific and business outcomes.

By unlocking insights in a scalable environment built to ensure data integrity, waters_connect transforms the lab by:

  • Making it more autonomous
  • Providing remote access and control
  • Delivering value through connected science
  • Accelerating time to outcomes

Accelerating Time to Outcomes with Workflow Solutions

Workflow solutions deliver streamlined and complete workflows for specific applications or types of analysis. These workflows improve efficiency and reproducibility accelerating time to outcomes and reducing manual errors.

waters_connect for quantitation
Quickly process large sample batches and reduce data review time with waters_connect quantitative analysis software for mass spectrometry. Learn more
waters_connect for biopharmaceuticals
Accelerate the journey from sample analysis to decision making with tailored workflows designed for biopharma LC-MS applications, intact mass (proteins, subunits, ADCs, oligonucleotides), peptide mapping, peptide multi-attribute monitoring (MAM), and released N-glycan analysis.  Learn more
waters_connect for small molecule screening
Maximize your productivity with streamlined workflows for the analysis of pesticides, drugs of abuse, metabolites, impurities, extractables and leachables, and more.  Learn more

Modern User Experience

With waters_connect HUB you can access waters_connect applications from a central place with a modern, streamlined, and common look and feel.

This provides a unique, connected, and consistent user experience that reduces training needs when working with multiple waters_connect applications or systems.

Workflow Flexibility and Open Data Accessibility

Convenient access to modular apps accelerates product development and increases confidence in product quality. waters_connect apps, including third-party software, are powered by the waters_connect Application Programming Interface (API) allowing solutions to be customized, extended, and enriched, maximizing the strengths and features of all the apps involved.

This architecture enables delivery of new functionality, features, and updates, providing you with flexibility to incrementally and effortlessly add new capabilities.

Workflow Apps

  • Provide a streamlined process for getting to an answer with built-in guidance, such as Exception Focused Review (XFR).

Utility and Administration Apps

  • Completing the end-to-end workflow, easy to learn utility applications provide common underlying functionality to help increase productivity and efficiency such as built-in instrument health checks for self-optimization and troubleshooting. Learn more

Data Integrity Built-in

Applications delivered on the platform benefit from built-in Data Integrity controls for traceability, review, and computerized system validation in line with regulatory compliance guidelines.

waters_connect platform and its suite of applications include functionality that allows the regulated laboratory to simply configure and confidently demonstrate all the technical requirements for electronic records as prescribed by 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11, and other Data Integrity guidances. Helping regulated companies meet the core requirements of Data Integrity with a clear plan and strategy for compliance.

Learn more about the role of waters_connect in assisting with electronic records regulation compliance.

Ensuring Compliance and Data Integrity

Waters compliance experts regularly review regulatory observations as well as guidance documents and any regulation updates to ensure the tools we provide help a regulated laboratory meet expectations for Data Integrity. It is important that responsible data owners understand and configure these tools correctly to meet their own SOPs and requirements. Waters experts are available to provide training in the technical controls that waters_connect provides and how these might be leveraged.Learn More about our Compliance Services.