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A New Era of Intuitive Simplicity

Quality Control (QC) labs face stringent, ever-evolving compliance and data quality requirements to release products within tighter timelines and budgets. These problems become exaggerated due to staff turnover and training requirements.

To address these problems, the Alliance iS HPLC System elevates your QC lab with first-time right results, shortened release cycles, and fewer investigations by:

  • Reducing human errors by up to 40%* through innovative system intelligence that addresses errors before they can occur
  • Enhancing productivity and asset management with safeguards to ensure correct system performance
  • Maximizing system uptime and minimizing service intervention

*based on Waters’ market research in 2022, surveying 56 global Pharma QC labs running >25 systems.

Meet Your New Lab Ally

Mistakes in the lab come in many forms: forgotten samples, incorrect solvent levels, incorrect tightening of system fittings, or not verifying correct system performance. Regardless, mistakes lead to repeated procedures and possibly time-consuming investigations.

Built for Empower Software, the Alliance iS HPLC System coupled with Empower CDS and Empower LMS serves as your assistant – preventing common errors with pre-run verification of the correct column, vials, and plates, as well as solvent levels and expiration dates.

Additionally, the Alliance iS HPLC System’s tool-free fittings, clearly labeled and organized solvent lines, and auto-recognition of Waters eConnect HPLC Columns prevent leaks and user errors when setting up the system for analysis. Integrated hardware components standardize your fleet to ensure proper system configurations for your analysis.

Enjoy Stress-Free Analysis

Employee turnover makes training a continual challenge and can lead to inconsistencies and decreased productivity. The Alliance iS HPLC System keeps you and your lab stress-free and running smoothly with an intuitive touchscreen that supports learning the system and producing consistent, quality results.

The instrument touchscreen interface provides at-instrument guided workflows for system start-up, shutdown, and priming – helping to ensure all your users are preparing their systems sufficiently and identically.

Intuitively Simple for Informed Decisions

Managers and analysts need to make quick decisions. Ambiguous system performance status impedes the ability to select, maintain, and service instruments.

The Alliance iS HPLC System is designed with intuitive system mechanisms to give fast feedback that your team can act upon to get the best return on investment of your equipment. Using the combination of status lights on the system, the touchscreen interface, Empower Software, and integration with waters_connect System Monitoring, your team can immediately understand your system operation. Additionally, your lab can leverage health monitoring tools to dive deeper into the crucial performance parameters of your system. 

Maximize System Uptime with Help At Your Fingertips

Nothing disrupts operations like unexpected system downtime. The Alliance iS HPLC System is built upon Waters strong legacy of reliable instrument performance while also improving upon previous generations. Improvements to our injector, mixer, column manager, check valves, and detectors maximize the reliability of your instrument.

The touchscreen interface also provides guided troubleshooting and guided maintenance, and the system has been optimized to provide easy access to serviceable components. The touchscreen interface also enables easy access to the Waters service department with quick and easy access to the Waters Help Center.

With the Alliance iS HPLC System, you can ensure your system will be more reliable than ever while minimizing unscheduled downtime should anything unexpected occur.

Support Your Compliant, Global Business Network

Your systems need to support both legacy and new methods that can be operated repeatably anywhere in the world while meeting regulatory requirements. These requirements can also place a large burden on your analysts, but failing to perform necessary tasks could put your organization at risk.

The Alliance iS HPLC System features improved enhanced temperature control in the sample manager, column manager, and detector to match global needs. Additionally, when coupled with Empower Software Solutions and eConnect HPLC Columns, analysts gain access to new features:

  • Intelligent Method Translator App (iMTA) to assist with method migration from other systems
  • Method Matching warns users when attempting to use an unsupported method on the system
  • Empower System Audit Trail automatically captures installation of and modifications to the system and system software for added traceability
  • Automated column history tracking

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