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One system. Every analyte. All the time.

Demands on analytical laboratories are changing and every laboratory needs to ensure it can keep pace with these changes. The Xevo® TQ-XS offers:

StepWave XS™ ion guide that provides increased sensitivity for challenging compounds.

Enhanced detection system with six orders of linear dynamic range to ensure sensitivity is accessible.

Tool-free probe design reduces the time taken for any routine maintenance and provides improved reproducibility between users.

Reproducible, ultimate sensitivity quantitation

Whether you are analyzing small or large molecules, single analytes or multiple panels of compounds, the Xevo TQ-XS will give you the results you need, first time and without complication. 

The new StepWave XS ion guide provides improved sensitivity that is reproducible for multiple injections and can provide reliable quantitation at the very lowest levels. StepWave XS ensures neutrals and gas load are passively removed for enhanced transmission, with the ions actively transferred into the mass analyser, improving sensitivity and robustness. The first stage is modified with a series of horizontal plates that allows a more controlled extraction of ions from the gas flow so that ions collide with gas molecules with less energy. 

A segmented quadrupole second stage focuses the ion beam to provide more efficient transmission of ions from the source to the detector.

Robust results you can trust with the most demanding sample matrices

The routine challenges of complex matrices are overcome by the Xevo TQ-XS which provides reproducible results injection after injection despite difficult sample matrices. In a study involving 2,000 injections of protein-precipitated plasma and analyzing sulphadimethoxine, there was little variation in peak area over the entire injection series with <3% RSD. This study aimed to reproduce the challenging conditions found in many analytical laboratories by also using a short dwell time of only 5 ms.

Making sensitivity accessible with the Xtended Dynamic Range detector

When you need to measure analytes at very different concentrations within the same sample, it is very time-consuming to dilute samples and re-inject in a separate experiment to bring values within calibration curves. With the Xtended Dynamic Range (XDR™) detector there are now six orders of linear dynamic range, enabling you to quantitate a wider range of analyte concentrations without saturating the detector in a single injection

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