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Integrated solution to elevate your workflows

Automating your laboratory workflow from initial sample creation to final archival is vital to achieving data integrity and to supporting day-to-day laboratory productivity. Empower LMS delivers a uniquely integrated experience, combining the industry-leading benefits of Empower Chromatography Data System (CDS) with the added workflow management capabilities of NuGenesis Lab Management System (LMS), including the Scientific Data Management System (SDMS).

From sample submission to data archival, manage your data all from a single, simple dashboard for an integrated approach to your product lifecycle management so you can increase efficiency and maximize data durability. 

Integrated capabilities in a single dashboard

Empower LMS provides you a single user CDS, SDMS, and LMS interface resulting in elevated control and productivity in your lab.

  • Automatically secure, archive, and easily access your data whenever you need it throughout the full retention period. ​
  • Minimize handling of data and streamline the management of your laboratory workflow in a single place. ​
  • Create final sample result reports without the need to transfer information into other electronic systems.

Figure 1. The Empower LMS dashboard gives users easy access to Empower data.

Whether you are remote, in the lab, or on the go, Empower Lab Management System helps you to:

  • Reduce errors in transcription and increase productivity in the lab with electronic submission and sample tracking.
  • Increase regulatory compliance and obtain a higher level of data integrity with a single repository for all lab data and reports.
  • Increase efficiency by streamlining the management of your laboratory workflow in a single place.

Elevate your workflow with Empower LMS

Increase efficiency by managing your entire scientific data lifecycle from a single interface in a compliance-ready, secure environment – on premise or in the cloud (IaaS). One User Interface – Simple user interface to access everything from scheduling a system and acquisition to finding archived data. Data Availability – Instant access to results in a single solution. System Inventories – Quickly identify systems available and fit-for-use. Store your system qualification documentation in the same location for maximum efficiency. 24×7 Monitoring for Admins – Avoid losses and proactively respond to instant email notifications related to LAC/E devices and archive agents – all from your mobile device.