All the benefits of time-of-flight technology. Redefined performance.

Accelerate your research and comprehensively identify analytes in your complex samples with the SELECT SERIES MRT, built with state-of-the-art Multi Reflecting Time-of-Flight (MRT) technology.

  • Identify sample components confidently with routine ppb mass accuracy 
  • Resolve nominally isobaric interferences with high mass resolution, at all scan speeds
  • Reveal isotopic fine structure for unambiguous elemental compositions
  • Achieve high data quality in both MS and MS/MS
  • Simplify data archiving and rapidly process data with reduced data files sizes.

High resolution mass spectrometry, without compromise

The SELECT SERIES MRT achieves groundbreaking Time-of-Flight (ToF) resolution with the innovative use of multiple reflections of the ion beam between two gridless electrostatic mirrors in the mass analyzer. This extends the ions’ flight path, spatially refocusing the ion packets through a series of periodic lenses after each reflection maintaining sensitivity.

The superior performance of the SELECT SERIES MRT results in high precision and routine part-per-billion mass accuracy independent of acquisition speed, providing unsurpassed quality of mass spectrometry data and information.

Redefining clarity in mass spectrometry imaging

The SELECT SERIES MRT reduces analysis times by providing crystal clear, high-resolution images, acquired at fast imaging speeds without compromising mass spectral resolution or accuracy.

This enables accelerated mass spectrometry imaging experiments while still resolving analytes from interferences, revealing fine structural information. The cutting-edge technology and intuitive software combine to revolutionize mass spectrometry imaging for a wide range of applications; where the ability to map compounds that differ by only a few mDa is changing the pace of research. This includes:

  • Tissue analysis in biomedical research
  • Forensic research, including fingerprint analysis
  • Surface analysis, ranging from surface contamination analysis for semiconductor production, to analysis of tape stripped skin samples in the cosmetics industry.

Maximize your mass spectrometry imaging capabilities and analytical flexibility with both DESI and MALDI on the SELECT SERIES MRT. This quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer can be paired with either the DESI XS source or the high-performance SELECT SERIES MALDI source, so you can utilize Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging (FSMI) in your experiments.

The complementary nature of these techniques enables different molecules to be ionized on the same tissue surface, pinpointing the spatial localization of a wide range of biomolecules and pharmaceutical compounds as they are desorbed from tissue sections. This provides superior accuracy for compound identification.