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Without discovery, decisions are made in the dark

In the arena of scientific discovery, the slow pace of advancement and escalating costs of research can prove to be a challenge. The SYNAPT XS mass spectrometer shatters these barriers by providing ultimate flexibility and greater freedom of analytical choice to support scientific creativity and technical success for any application.

  • Novel technology building blocks deliver cutting-edge analytical performance
  • SONAR and HDMSE provide a unique toolkit for interrogating complex mixtures
  • Ion mobility multiplies peak capacity and selectivity of analysis
  • CCS measurements increase security of compound identification

Novel technology provides cutting edge performance

With technology building blocks inherited from the Waters Advanced Mass Spectrometry SELECT SERIES, advanced innovation is in-built, ensuring scientists using this platform are at the cutting edge of mass spectrometry whilst retaining the ease of use and established end to end workflows for which the SYNAPT is well known.

  • StepWaveTM XS – Redesigned segmented quadrupole transfer optics that provide enhanced sensitivity for challenging compounds while further improving the levels of analytical robustness.
  • Extended ToF – Delivers UPLC compatible mass resolution, matrix-tolerant dynamic range, and quantitative results for the most complex samples, whilst offering superior specifications to previous SYNAPT models.

SONAR and HDMSE provide a unique toolkit for interrogating complex mixtures

With both SONAR and IMS based data independent acquisition (DIA) modes of operation on the SYNAPT XS, the discovery analyst is in a unique position to interrogate complex mixtures by complementary mechanisms. Both types of acquisition increase analytical peak capacity, providing ‘clean and clear’ fragmentation data, but based on different molecular properties. This provides a truly unique investigative toolbox for the in-depth interrogation of complex mixtures.

Ion Mobility and CCS measurement

Conventional mass spectrometers separate components on the basis of m/z. The SYNAPT XS also allows separation of molecules according to their size, shape, and charge during ion mobility experiments as a function of their collisional cross section (CCS).  As well as Ion mobility offering an additional dimension of resolution, multiplying peak capacity and selectivity of analysis the measurement of CCS offers additional molecular identifiers.

CID and ETD Fragmentation Capabilities

The dual collision cell arrangement of TriWave enhances MS/MS possibilities, by providing Collision Induced Dissociation (CID) and/or Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) fragmentation with high resolution and accurate mass measurements.  The resolving quadrupole is available in 4KDa, 8KDa or 32KDa mass range options for MS/MS of small to macromolecular species

TAP Fragmentation

TAP fragmentation provides a distinct advantage for building a complete structure, through superior fragment ion coverage, sensitivity, and accuracy compared to traditional MSn or MS/MS techniques.

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