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APGC – No Compromise GC-MS

Waters Atmospheric Pressure Gas Chromatography (APGC) adds GC capability to today’s advanced MS technologies.

This provides GC users with:

  • High performance, ease of use allowing quick reaction to meet demands and increase throughput
  • Access to ultra-trace quantification
  • Comprehensive qualitative MS & MS/MS
  • High-resolution ion-mobility separations.

GC capabilities for today’s advanced MS technologies

APGC is an ionisation source for Xevo and SYNAPT mass spectrometers. The ionisation is ‘soft‘ meaning that less fragmentation is observed for many compounds when compared with techniques such as EI. Reduced fragmentation can give higher sensitivity and specificity, therefore simplifying pre-cursor ion selection in MS/MS analyses.

Waters Universal source architecture and Engineered Simplicity means that changeover from UPLC to GC is quick and simple. Since APGC is not a vacuum technique equilibration time between techniques is kept to a minimum. This means that analysis can be tailored to business demands, maximizing up-time and instrument utilization.

Waters enhanced, unique MS technologies such as RADAR, MSE & HDMS are now available to GC separations. Unlock the secrets of your sample and make sure you have the widest possible coverage from your analyses.

Xevo TQ-XS with APGC – Ultra Trace Quantification

Xevo TQ-XS APGC equipped with unique StepWave technology, enabling detection limits at ultra-trace levels.

Xevo G2-XS QTof with APGC – Identify, quantify and confirm the broadest range of compounds with GC

Many analyses cross the boundary between LC & GC. The Waters Xevo G2-XS QTof enables complete screening of samples using both ACQUITY UPLC and GC separations. MSE allows the scientist to get exact mass precursor and fragment ion spectra from every detectable component in the sample, simplifying the identification of components.

SYNAPT XS with APGC – Research grade, high-resolution, ion mobility separations for GC

APGC gives access to high-end research grade, high-resolution, ion mobility separations previously unavailable to GC users and provides a range of unique experimental capabilities to make new discoveries possible that are beyond any other analytical platform.

Atmospheric Pressure GC (APGC) – No Compromise GC/MS