Xevo TQ-GC Mass Spectrometry System

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The perfect addition to your laboratory

A robust EI and CI GC-MS/MS platform engineered to maximize uptime with:

  • Minimal method development enabled by Quanpedia™ method database driven workflows
  • High performance and reliable so you can easily surpass regulatory limits
  • Rapid and mistake-proof source design to simplify maintenance tasks
  • Maintain regulatory compliance with MassLynx security
  • Reduce training time and costs with a single software workflow for LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS analysis
  • Wide range of injection modes, including liquid, headspace and SPME analysis

Maximized Uptime to Ensure your Success

Ensuring you achieve reliable and predictable results is at the heart of the design of the Xevo TQ-GC. The system has been rigorously tested to ensure that you spend less time on routine maintenance, and that it can be scheduled to fit around the laboratory workload, maximizing uptime and minimizing disruption.

To ensure you don’t spend precious time on lengthy instrument setup, intellistart health check informs you whether the system is ready to run injections and, if not, how the situation can be remedied.

You need minimal tools for instrument maintenance and if any maintenance is needed it is not only quick, but mistake-proof.

Become efficiently flexible

In a busy analytical lab time is precious, especially when demands change regularly and the requirement for shorter turnaround times is increasing. With Quanpedia you can easily deal with a wide variety of sample matrices, target analytes and GC conditions. The fully customizable database means that you no longer need to be concerned about having the flexibility to adapt to changes in regulations, as it contains compound classes that are most relevant to regulations, and modifications to existing methods are quick and simple. You can reduce your method development time by including automatic scheduling of MRM transitions that account for any shift in retention times that occur as a result of column maintenance.

You can also shorten turnaround times by increasing the number of components in a single analytical run, which is enabled by acquisition rates of up to 500 MRM/sec with no significant degradation in performance. This means more MRM transitions can be added to a run while still achieving high quality results.

Capture the whole picture in targeted analyses

When conducting targeted analyses, interferences and unknown compounds are no longer at risk of reducing your chromatographic and ionization performance. RADAR improves method development and aids troubleshooting by allowing you to detect and confirm analytes that are not specifically targeted through NIST library confirmation, and routinely characterize unexpected contaminants. Once you have this additional information, you can be completely confident in your data and avoid additional confirmatory analyses.

Xevo TQ-GC Brochure

Xevo TQ-GC Specification Sheet