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AccQ•Tag Ultra, AccQ•Tag Ultra – Automation, and AccQ•Tag Sample Preparation for Accurate Amino Acid Composition Analysis

The amino acid sequence is the primary structure of a protein and it is unique to a particular peptide or protein. Determining amino acid composition in protein/peptide hydrolysates, foods, feeds, and pharmaceutical preparations is important. Amino acids are also key ingredients in the cell culture medium used to prepare recombinant proteins. It is often desirable to monitor on a regular basis the consumption of individual amino acids reaction in the bioreactor so the conditions in the bioreactor can be optimized.

Accurately separating, identifying, and quantitating amino acids is challenging. Waters provides a number of solutions that use pre-column derivatization so that amino acids can be easily analyzed. Kits are available in both manual and automated configurations.

Manual Options

AccQ•Tag Ultra and AccQ•Tag chemistries are the first step in enabling your laboratory to obtain accurate amino acid composition from protein/peptide hydrolysates, physiologic fluids, feeds, foods, pharmaceutical preparations, and many other sample matrices. Combined with traditional HPLC, UHPLC, or the Waters ACQUITY UPLC, you can now have a system that is customized to separate amino acids from protein hydrolysates, cell culture media, and food/feed samples to get enhanced resolution. The end result is reliability with precise qualitative and quantitative results.

AccQ•Tag Ultra and AccQ•Tag chemistry kits include:

  • Pre-column derivatization reagents
  • Dedicated reversed-phase columns QC tested for amino acid analysis
  • Eluents and standards
  • Documentation on methods for the analysis of these important biocompounds

Automation Options

AccQ•Tag Ultra Derivatization Automation Kit provides simplified tools to enhance high throughput amino acid automation via an easy-to-use, automation friendly format that maximizes workflow and accommodates residual volume. Compatible with Tecan, Hamilton, and Andrew Alliance systems, the AccQ•Tag Ultra Derivatization Automation Kit provides fast, accurate, and precise amino acid analyses, translating into cost and time savings for your lab. 

  • Parallel high-throughput sample prep (process up to 96 samples at a time)
  • Minimal user intervention
  • Larger reagent volume to accommodate automation needs
  • Starter kits include reagents, column, eluents, application standards and labware
  • Scripts ready for multiple automated platforms
  • Tecan, Hamilton, and Andrew Alliance

Amino Acid Reference Standards

Waters offers reference standards for Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) required in many applications in pharmaceutical and food and feed industries. A variety of standards containing free amino acids are offered for qualitative and quantitative determination of amino acids, method development, and troubleshooting of the AccQ•Tag Ultra and AccQ•Tag methods.

Available standards include:

  • Cell Culture Standard Kit
  • Food & Feed Standard Kit
  • Amino Acid Hydrolysates Standard
  • Internal Standard (Nva)

AccQ•Tag Ultra and AccQ•Tag Derivitization Chemistry

This line of products is a comprehensive, fully tested set of reagents, columns, eluents, and methods.   

AccQ•Tag is optimized for use with HPLC/UHPLC.

AccQ•Tag Ultra is optimized for use with the UPLC Amino Acid Analysis Application Solution.

  • Both methods are based on the AccQ•Tag pre-column derivatization method
  • Primary and secondary amino acids are reacted with a single reagent (AccQ•Fluor) in a high-throughput batch process resulting in exceptionally stable derivatives
  • AccQ•Tag Ultra provides high-resolution separations achieved using the AccQ•Tag Ultra UPLC column (1.7 µm particles) and mobile phases
  • Derivatized amino acids resolved and quantified to sub-pmol levels with single wavelength UV detection