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Reproducible and Standardized Protein Quantification with a Simplified Kit-Based Approach

Routinely achieve reproducible, accurate, and sensitive protein quantification with ProteinWorks, Waters new family of protein bioanalysis sample preparation kits. ProteinWorks eXpress Digest Kits simplify and accelerate protein digestion, streamlining, and standardizing the traditionally complex pre-analytic workflow for LC-MS protein quantification via the surrogate peptide approach.  The ProteinWorks uElution SPE Kit is designed for post-digestion clean-up, increasing assay sensitivity, and improving system robustness by removing excess digest reagents, phospholipids, and other plasma and serum components.

With ProteinWorks, achieve:

  • Simplified sample preparation with pre-measured, lot-traceable reagents
  • Reproducible and accurate results for several monoclonal antibodies
  • Reduced time to results and cost of analysis


  • Optimized kit-based approach delivers mean %CVs of < 6% using multiple peptides for 4 representative mAbs in plasma
  • Streamlined protocol reduces the number of sample preparation steps
  • Inter-kit and intra-kit precision ensures reproducible results, day to day, lab to lab, and analyst to analyst


  • High sensitivity detection limit of 10 ng/ml was achieved for infliximab in rat plasma
  • Kits are optimized for the digestion of whole plasma or immunopurified samples
  • uElution SPE improves assay sensitivity through sample concentration and the removal of salts, phospholipids, and residual digestion reagents

Standardized & Simplified

  • Broadly applicable protocol eliminates Method Development for Discovery Studies
  • Kit-based approach is easily deployable from lab to lab, site to site, and sponsor to CRO
  • Simple, well-defined protocols and pre-measured lot-traceable reagents facilitate method transfer and provide a well-researched starting point for those new to protein bioanalysis


  • Convenient flexible format easily accommodates 1-96 samples with (12) strips of (8) 1 mL tubes
  • For optimal results, 3 and 5 step protocols offer the choice to reduce and alkylate, or not
  • 96-well format is easily automatable

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