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Next-generation hybrid particle and surface technology for increased polar analyte retention

Retaining polar compounds is one of the most challenging chromatographic problems. With the hybrid particle technology in Atlantis Premier BEH C18 AX and the BEH Z-HILIC Columns, those problems are a thing of the past. These reversed-phase, anion-exchanged, mixed-mode, and zwitterionic columns are the next evolution of columns in the Atlantis family, all designed to achieve superior polar compound retention.

Atlantis Premier BEH C18 AX and the BEH Z-HILIC Columns combine a new and innovative chromatographic particle technology with proprietary MaxPeak High-Performance Surfaces (HPS) Technology to boost retention of polar acidic compounds by 50% while eliminating unwanted analyte-surface interactions.


  • Achieves 50% more retention than existing BEH columns with its high-retention BEH 95 Å particle
  • Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases
  • Increase selectivity, method flexibility, and acid retention over a wider pH range (2–10) with mixed mode, reversed-phase, anion exchange chemistry
  • Reduces analyte surface interactions with MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces (HPS)
  • Longer column lifetimes with expected column performance
  • Recommended Use: For improved retention of polar neutral and acidic compounds under reversed-phase conditions.

Superior batch-to-batch reproducibility

The surface modification of Waters Atlantis Premier BEH C18 AX Columns involves separate steps to incorporate the charge modifier, the C18 groups and the endcap. This approach provides excellent control of the surface chemistry, resulting in high batch-to-batch reproducibility.

Extended pH stability for method flexibility

Combining the base-stable BEH particle with stable bonding chemistries, the Waters Atlantis Premier BEH C18 AX Column material shows exceptional resistance to both acidic and basic mobile phases for a mixed-mode stationary phase. The extended high pH stability of Atlantis Premier BEH C18 AX Columns enables labs to use a wider range of mobile phase pH values.

Selectivity that complements traditional reversed-phase

The selectivity of the Waters Atlantis Premier BEH C18 AX stationary phase is very different from traditional C18 bonded phases like HSS T3 or the C18-bonded charged surface hybrid, or CSH. The BEH C18 AX material provides the greatest retention of the acidic compound and the least retention for the base procainamide.

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