Laboratory Filters

Waters offers Pall Life Sciences laboratory filters for sample and solvent filtration, including:

HPLC sample filters in syringe filter format

Solvent filters in membrane disc format

Solvent filtration apparatus

A wide selection of membrane types and pore sizes to deliver the right lab filter for any sample type, and a broad range of device sizes to ensure complete sample filtration with minimal sample loss.

Filter Design

Pall Life Sciences’ broad range of device sizes assures complete sample filtration with minimal sample loss. In addition, many Acrodisc Syringe Filters offer the option of a minispike outlet, rather than the traditional male luer outlet. The minispike outlet, available on 13 mm PTFE, Nylon, GH Polypro, and PVDF Acrodisc Syringe Filters, allows for easy dispensing into autosampler vials.

Membrane Design

Typically, the first step in selecting a suitable filter is to choose a membrane that is chemically compatible with the sample (see table below for a full selection of mebranes). For aqueous samples, it is preferable to use a hydrophilic membrane (wwPTFE, PVDF, or Nylon) versus a hydrophobic membrane (PTFE). With proteinaceous samples, a low protein binding filter (wwPTFE or PVDF) is preferable to other hydrophilic filters (Nylon).

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