Oasis Sample Extraction Products

Faster, cleaner, and simpler sample preparation starts here

The Oasis® family of solid-phase extraction products is designed to simplify and improve your sample preparation by combining the right sorbent chemistry, device format and methodology. Achieve robust, selective, and sensitive SPE methods without worrying about low recoveries caused by breakthrough of polar compounds, sorbent drying, pH limitations and undesirable silanol activity.


  • Fully water-wettable sorbents increase reproducibility and enable elimination of condition and equilibration steps
  • Co-polymer pH stable from 0–14 with no secondary silanol activity
  • Optimal sensitivity for small molecule and therapeutic peptide analysis
  • Reduced matrix effects for LC-MS/MS analyses
  • Unsurpassed selectivity
  • Consistent retention and capacity, yielding the highest SPE recovery
  • Reduces variability in analytical results and increases robustness of analysis

Recommended Use: For the fastest, cleanest, and simplest approach to SPE-LC-MS/MS method development.

Solid-Phase Extraction Chemistries

  • Oasis PRiME HLB
  • Oasis PRiME MCX
  • Oasis HLB
  • Oasis MCX
  • Oasis MAX
  • Oasis WAX
  • Oasis WCX

Oasis Format

  • Oasis μElution Plate
  • Oasis 96-Well Sample Extraction Plates
  • Oasis Syringe-Barrel Cartridges
  • Oasis Glass Cartridges
  • Oasis On-Line Columns and Cartridges

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