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Product Description

The Otto Specialist Positive Pressure Manifold is designed to further improve method robustness and sample reproducibility to solid-phase extraction.  Controlled by an interfaced tablet, the easy to use software allows the same method to be used across multiple days, multiple users, multiple labs, or even multiple assays, removing the variability of manual extraction systems. The Otto Specialist is compatible with use


  • Improve reproducibility and method development for SPE sample preparation
  • Achieve consistent performance across SPE runs by eliminating technique variation due to differing levels of user expertise
  • Accommodate varying SPE processing needs from very low to high flow rates for sorbent bed drying
  • Ensure novice and expert SPE users can get up and running quickly with easy-to-use software that requires little to no training  
  • Perform multiple workflows in a single day
  • Process a wide range of sample volumes using micro and macro elution plates; and 1 cc, 3 cc, and 6 cc cartridges
  • Compact device that fits easily on a bench or under a hood

Recommended Use: To improve reproducibility and analytical consistency during sample preparation and solid-phase extraction. of ĀµElution, macro elutions plates, and 1 cc, 3 cc, and 6 cc cartridges.

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