Sep Pak Sample Extraction Product

The original and most referenced based SPE products

All Sep-Pak sample extraction products contain high quality sorbents. They are available in more than 200 chemistries and format combinations for convenient sample preparation methods, based on reverse-phase, normal-phase, ion-exchange, and application-specific specialty chemistries. Whether your sample type includes chemical, environmental, food, or biological analytes, Waters has a Sep-Pak sample extraction product to meet your workflow requirements.


  • Simplify protocols and increase recoveries
  • Meet every need with a diverse selection of formats & sorbents
  • Ideally suited for all types of samples for GC-MS, HPLC, and LC-MS analysis
  • Recognized as the most referenced SPE products worldwide

Recommended Use: For a versatile and cost-effective solid-phase extraction alternative.

Sep-Pak Cartridge Characteristics

  • Sep-Pak Plus Cartridges
  • Sep-Pak Light Cartridges
  • Sep-Pak Classic Cartridges
  • Sep-Pak Vac Cartridges
  • Sep-Pak Vac RC Cartridges

Sep-Pak Plate Characteristics

  • Sep-Pak 96-well Extraction Plates
  • Sep-Pak 96-well Āµelution Plates

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