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Combining the sensitivity and selectivity of mass spectrometry, with simplicity of operation and powerful software  capabilities, RADIAN ASAP offers laboratories a flexible tool to provide efficient and competitive services to meet  increasing demands. Knowing now drives multiple operational efficiencies. 


Spectral Library Matching • Authenticity & Adulteration • Reaction Monitoring • Degradation • Quality • Academia 


Rapid triage of seized drug materials Knowing now with RADIAN ASAP and LiveID ensures  crime labs can quickly screen samples against a library  of known compounds for rapid, confident identification  of illicit drugs. The sensitivity and selectivity of mass  spectrometry provides confidence in detecting drugs  with an easy, efficient triage workflow. 


Assess food integrity 

The threat posed by food fraud has created additional  demands on both the food industry and regulators  to protect food consumers and maintain brand  reputation. Knowing now with RADIAN ASAP and  LiveID offers a powerful combination of mass  spectrometry and chemometric modelling, which  allows users to easily and efficiently screen samples  and make quicker decisions. 


Quality control of raw materials 

Knowing now with RADIAN ASAP and IonLynx  supports QC and Development Labs in the chemical  

industry to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.  

Workflows, such as material release testing or  formulation performance testing can be streamlined.  Features including thermal gradient analysis are  ideal for complex samples commonly seen in the  chemical industry. 


Discovery reaction monitoring  

The demand to accelerate the drug discovery and  development process has never been higher.  Knowing now with RADIAN ASAP provides synthetic  chemists easy access to mass spectral data for  near instantaneous assessment of reaction  progress and identification of purification fractions,  increasing lab efficiency. 


Undergraduate teaching and  

method development 

Simplicity and ease of use makes RADIAN ASAP  the ideal tool for busy academic laboratories that  need a robust and reliable solution. 

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