SFC Prep 15 Purification System

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SFC Prep 15 Purification System

  • Standard PDA detection allowing optional add-on detection capability providing flexible configuration options, such as UV-ELSD or UV-MS. The addition of ELSD ensures chromatographic separation of non-chromophores missed by PDA; the addition of mass detection provides mass confirmation for unknowns.
  • Automated sample handling accommodates both sample injection and fraction collection within a single, open-bed format.
  • Automated column switching and temperature control of up to 10 columns allowing for inherent flexibility, versatility, and smooth operation.
  • FractionLynx™ Application Manager for MassLynx Software to monitor the preparative runs, trigger fraction collection and keep records of purification/fractions.
  • Typical throughput in 24 hours 180-240 samples/ per day


The SFC Prep 15 Purification System is an open-bed, batch based, mass triggered fraction collection system operated by MassLynx/FractionLynx Software. Utilizing the Waters 3767 Sample Manager and the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector, the system is dedicated to analytical and preparative scale isolation and purification.  Injected samples are purified on a smaller scale and capable of producing larger numbers of individual samples. With this technology the mass directed preparative system offers improved detection sensitivity and effective peak tracking with the ability to interpret and compare complex data. Extending the limit of sample detection for chromatographic separation. Providing users with the ability to scale from 4.6 to 10 mm columns, laboratories can use the system to evaluate small samples in a broad applicability across a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and natural products.


MS-based triggering on the SFC Prep 15 Purification System provides better collection precision by targeting only the mass of interest.

Inexpensive and non-toxic carbon dioxide vs. hazardous and costly solvents

Leveraging the benefits of “green” purification technology, the SFC Prep 15 Purification System utilizes CO2 as the primary component in the mobile phase, eliminating the need for hazardous solvents such as methylene chloride, hexanes, and heptanes. The SFC Prep 15 Purification System is a cost-effective alternative for laboratories overwhelmed with solvent disposal and time-consuming sample dry down. The system can operate with CO2 cylinders, which  allow for simple implementation, or can be connected to existing in-house bulk CO2 delivery systems.

Automated sample purification

FractionLynx Application Manager manages and automates your sample purification process.

It controls fraction collection and tracks your samples, their fractions, and associated data, which is all accessible through the FractionLynx browser.