SFC Prep 150 AP System

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Designed for automated UV and/or MS-triggered purification

The Prep 150 AP SFC System is the first and only commercially available preparative SFC system offering automated sample handling, column switching, fraction collection and tracking in an easy-to-use, open bed format.

The Prep 150 AP SFC System provides routine compound purification for drug discovery labs using the MassLynx Software with FractionLynx Application Manager. This system offers fast separations, high resolution and high throughput. The inherent benefits of SFC, combined with Waters’ world renowned service and support provides users with a robust, cost effective solution to any purification lab.

SFC Prep 150 AP System

SFC Prep 150 AP System

The SFC Prep 150 AP System automates the purification process by linking analytical pre-screen, purification and fraction re-analysis with AutoPurify in an “open access” setting. Stacked Injection capability is also available for the purification of large amounts of material delivering multiple injections and allowing for multiple peaks collected into separate vessels.

System Details

SFC systems utilize liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) as its main mobile phase in combination with one or more organic solvents resulting in faster equilibration, lower pressure drops across the column, solvent reduction and lower cost per sample. The process is reproducible and applicable to a wide range of compounds relevant in the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Chemical Materials and Food and Environmental markets.



Key Features

QGM Low Pressure mixing Quaternary Gradient Pump: This pump delivers flowrates up to a maximum of 150mL/min as serves as the co-solvent delivery device for this system.

P200X CO2 Pump: This is a high pressure delivery pump having dual stainless steel heads with a cam driven sapphire piston assembly; self priming check valves; presser sensor; pressure gauge; brushless motor and a rupture disc assembly. The pumps design lends itself to control based upon feedback from the pressure sensor and mass flowmeter.

Modifier Stream Injector: This design supports customers requests of Modified Stream Injection ONLY. It’s function is to inject one sample at a time using a standard 2mL loop and a 5mL syringe. This device allows for settable air gaps on either side of the sample. The air gap functions as a buffer between the solvent and the sample decreasing dilution.  

3767 Sample Manager: This module provides injection and collection capability in an open bed format. The system includes the fume hood assembly for the 3767 for CO2 management. Injection and collection racks must be ordered for the system. The specific racks required will be determined by your needs and requirements.