Pushing the boundaries of science with multi reflecting time-of-flight technology

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Date(s) - June 12, 2024
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Introducing the Xevo MRT MS — Delivering Performance and Speed Without Compromise


Join us to discover how the latest developments in Multi Reflecting Time-of-Flight (MRT) Technology can push the boundaries of science in your laboratory.

We’ll share how the exceptional combination of high mass resolving power and mass accuracy can be achieved independently of the acquisition rate, delivering performance at speed! Discover how this new level of performance enhances everything from your routine workflows to your most challenging and complex analyses. Consistently producing data that will increase your confidence in results and maximizing scientific interpretation.

In addition to the Waters team, we will be joined by Prof. Perdita Barran, University of Manchester, to discuss how the instruments are advancing her research in Parkinson’s Disease.

We’ll conclude the session with a live Q&A with members from the development and engineering team to answer all your applications and technical questions – we look forward to an exciting and engaging discussion.

Webinar learning objectives:

  • Showcase our latest powerhouse instrument and how it unlocks a new level of confidence for metabolic profiling and discovery in your lab
  • Improve your lab productivity and deliver high-quality experimental outcomes for your high-throughput LC/MS workflows
  • Hear from a scientific thought leader how this instrument is relevant, practical and helping to solve the challenges faced in life changing applications

Presented by:

  1. Jayne Kirk Ph.D.

Principal Consulting Product Manager, Waters Corporation

Jayne is a Product Marketing Manager at Waters with over 18 years’ experience in LC/MS instrumentation, technologies and software.

She graduated from York University, UK, with a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and has previously held several scientific roles at Waters, developing applications and supporting customers.

Her passion for translating technical information into impactful scientific messaging was the driving force behinds Jayne’s move to marketing.

  1. Jason Wildgoose

Senior Principal Consulting, Technical and Engineering Lead, Discovery, Characterization & imaging, Waters Corporation

Jason joined Waters in early 1997 straight from university as a test and installation engineer working on the original QTof product. After 3 years he moved into research and development continuing to work on time of flight developments as well as adjacent technologies such as ion guides, detectors and ion mobility. Jason stayed in MS research for 18 years and ultimately assumed responsibility for time-of-flight design & development. In 2018 he joined the newly formed advanced mass spec. technologies group focusing on innovation & new technologies where he acted as technical lead before it transitioning to the engineering & technical lead for Discovery, Characterization & imaging.

  1. Perdita Barran

Chair of Mass Spectrometry Department of Chemistry, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

Perdita Barran is Chair of Mass Spectrometry in the Department of Chemistry and Director of the Michael Barber Centre for Collaborative Mass Spectrometry which is located in the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology. She is also Associate Dean for Research Facility Development.

Professor Barran holds a Chair of Mass Spectrometry in the Department of Chemistry, is Associate Dean for Research Facilities and Director of the Michael Barber Centre for Collaborative Mass Spectrometry at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, The University of Manchester, UK.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and was awarded the Theophilus Redwood Award from the RSC in 2019, Researcher of the Year 2020 from the University of Manchester and the ACS Measurement Science Lectureship 2021.

In 2020 she initiated the COVID-19 Mass Spectrometry Coalition and was appointed as Chief Advisor to the UK Government on Mass Spectrometry as part of their pandemic response. Perdita has had the privilege to mentor 38 graduate students through the successful completion of their PhD’s. as well as 16 postdoctoral fellows.

Perdita has authored over 160 publications in peer reviewed journals which have been cited over 4000 times, by people other than her.

In 2021 Perdita founded the company Sebomix Ltd. to exploit sebum as a diagnostic biofluid with a focus on Parkinson’s Disease.


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