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The ACQUITY Premier System is the next evolution of the ACQUITY UPLC platform of liquid chromatography systems, which includes the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class PLUS and I-Class PLUS. Along with the reliability, ruggedness, high quality, and configuration flexibility you expect from the ACQUITY UPLC PLUS Series, the ACQUITY Premier System delivers a step change in chromatographic performance, lab efficiency, and risk control.

The ACQUITY Premier System features novel MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces (HPS) technology, which effectively reduces non-specific adsorption losses due to metal interactions and provides:

  • Reduced analysis times
  • Improved peak shapes
  • Decreased reagent costs
  • Improved LODs and RSDs
  • Reliable quantitation
  • Lower system downtime
The Universal Platform for Liquid Chromatography
Analysis of Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate. Improved peak area and peak shape using the ACQUITY Premier Solution.
Non-specific adsorption of metal sensitive compounds is an unpredictable challenge, leading to long system passivation times, chromatography with large RSDs, and broad peaks that can be a challenge to detect. The ACQUITY Premier System is built with proven ACQUITY technology, which offers true UPLC performance, ultra-low dispersion, and high resolution.Designed with MaxPeak HPS Technology, the ACQUITY Premier System improves peak shape and reproducibility for even the most challenging metal-sensitive compounds
Next Generation of Efficiency Take your methods to the next performance level by leveraging the benefits of UPLC technology to improve your existing HPLC methods. By scaling your methods to UPLC, your laboratory will benefit from the combination of increased resolution, sensitivity, and speed that comes with modern small-particle chemistries.
Analysis of insulin receptor-doubly phosphorylated peptide (TRDIpYETDpYYRK) using either conventional LC technology or the ACQUITY Premier System. The ACQUITY Premier System reduces adsorption of insulin receptor peptide versus conventional LC technology
Along with fast analysis times offered by UPLC technology, the ACQUITY Premier System reduces the need for system passivation, which is often required to optimize assays for metal-sensitive compounds. Take your assays to the next level of efficiency, not only with faster analysis times, but also reduced system downtime, decreased reagent costs, and, ultimately, improved lab productivity.

Power Up Recovery and Sensitivity 

The ACQUITY Premier System minimizes metal-sensitive analyte loss, improving recovery, and limits of detection. Couple the ACQUITY Premier System with a Waters Mass Spectrometer to confidently identify and quantify unknown compounds in complex samples and confirm trace components at the lowest possible levels.

Fifty-four percent reduction in peak tailing leads to better detection of deamidation impurities. T37: GFYPSDIAVEWESNGQPENNYK.

Peace of MindThe ACQUITY Premier System and ACQUITY Premier Columns are holistically designed to reduce analyte losses and improve repeatability for a diversity of metal-sensitive analytes that interact with metal surfaces in conventional LC technology.In addition, Waters delivers world-renowned services and support, which are tailored to optimize your laboratory productivity while addressing your budget realities. Our offerings help maintain peak system performance, minimize down time, address scientific application challenges, and support stringent compliance requirements. 
Reproducible performance from first injection with ACQUITY Premier Technology. T37: PENNYK peptide.

Features and Benefits

  • MaxPeak High Performance Surface technology increases analyte recovery, sensitivity, and reproducibility by minimizing analyte/surface interactions that can lead to sample losses.
  • Get the flexibility of multi-solvent blending with the Quaternary Solvent Manager (QSM), and blend four solvents in any combination or proportion. Expand to up to nine solvents with the optional and integrated solvent-select valve for even greater flexibility. Automated solvent compressibility allows you to run any solvent in any combination without loss in accuracy or precision.
  • Deliver precise and accurate binary solvent blending with the Binary Solvent Manager (BSM) at pressures up to 15,000 psi. Two integrated solvent-select valves provide access to a total of four solvents. Automated solvent compressibility, integrated solvent degassing, and programmable seal wash maximize flow accuracy, precision, and reliability.
  • High-precision injections with direct inject sampling. The needle-in-flow path design ensures an accurate needle seal at high pressure. Injection volumes from 0.1 μL up to 1 mL are supported. Ultra-low carryover is managed through programmable method settings to ensure compatibility even with the most sensitive mass spectrometers.
  • Accurate temperature control across the entire column. Configurable for one to six columns, each housed in individual temperature-controlled zones with active pre-heating and a temperature range of 4 to 90 °C.
  • Low-dispersion detection capabilities. Minimizing dispersion and optimizing the electronics and optical paths for the narrow UPLC peaks yields the highest sensitivity and repeatability with the most accurate quantification.
  • Significantly reduce the time you spend in the prep lab by automating the formulation of mobile phases at specific pH and ionic strength from reservoirs of pure solvents or concentrated stock solutions using Auto•Blend Plus Technology, available with the ACQUITY Premier Quaternary System.
  • Automatically manage gradient start time and pre-injection steps in parallel with SmartStart technology. This allows you to compensate for system volume differences when transferring methods between different LC systems or to minimize inject-to-inject cycle times for high-throughput applications.
  • Gradient SmartStart easily adjusts for system volume differences when transferring methods from an alternative LC system without alteration to the method table.

Supported in EmpowerMasslynx, and UNIFI softwares.

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