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See clearly and consistently, with confidence.

Today’s scientists and lab managers need to confidently produce the most accurate, reliable and reproducible data. The Arc Premier System produces correct, robust results from the very first injection, reliably and easily. 

The Arc Premier System features the new, innovative technology of MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces (HPS) Technology, which effectively reduces non-specific adsorption due to metal interactions, without complicated mobile phases or laborious methods. The Arc Premier System sharpens chromatographic peaks for metal-sensitive compounds by eliminating secondary interactions from metals, resulting in:

  • Improved compliance from higher quality data
  • Faster, more reproducible, and accurate data integration
  • Shorter time from sample to result, without conditioning

The universal platform for liquid chromatography

Non-specific adsorption of metal sensitive compounds is an unpredictable challenge, resulting in chromatography with large relative standard deviations (RSDs) and broad, overlapping peaks, which can be challenging to integrate quickly and be accurate consistently.

Analysis of adenosine monophosphate, adenosine diphosphate, and adenosine triphosphate. Significant improvements to sensitivity and recovery are observed with the Arc Premier Solution compared to a conventional LC system.

Designed with MaxPeak HPS technology and paired with MaxPeak Premier 2.5 µm Columns, the Arc Premier System improves data quality for challenging compounds, including metal-sensitive compounds tested with LC methods – so you can see clearly and consistently, with confidence.

See clearly.

Future-proof your lab for the next generation of challenging compounds with MaxPeak HPS Technology, which sharpens peaks for metal-sensitive compounds, resulting in higher data quality and improved sensitivity with chromatographic reproducibility and precision. Data quality and performance are critical for your lab, but those can’t come at the sacrifice of ruggedness and ease of use. With MaxPeak HPS technology and flexible LC performance, your lab gets the typical benefits of an LC system optimized for 2-µm column chemistry with MaxPeak HPS Technology’s ability to shorten run times and achieve sharp peaks – no lengthy and complex conditioning and conditioning methodologies for metal-sensitive compounds required.

Analysis of hydrocortisone phosphate, betamethasone phosphate, dexamethasone, and dexamethasone acetate. A zoom in on the baseline shows improved peak shapes and resolution for metal sensitive compounds on the Arc Premier Solution.

And consistently. 

Seeing your results more clearly than ever is critical, but those results must be consistent and error-free and your methods easily reproducible, so you can spend less time on analysis and ensure compliance. 

By significantly sharpening peak shapes for metal-sensitive analytes, scientists report an improvement in integration reproducibility of 8 to 120x when integrating data from metal-sensitive compounds on the Arc Premier System. Along with the improvement in data consistency, users also report a decrease of time needed to integrate peaks by approximately 30% and an improvement to the user satisfaction score of up to 30%.

Analysis of data of hydrocortisone phosphate, betamethasone phosphate, dexamethasone phosphate, dexamethasone, and dexamethasone acetate from an Arc Premier System and a conventional LC system by six users. Peak area reproducibility improved 9-124x.

The Arc Premier System eliminates the need for variability-prone conditioning and complex mobile phases – so you can minimize user errors, improve compliance, and reduce expensive audits from red-flag-inducing conditioning injections.

Your organization needs to reliably migrate higher-quality methods between your systems for maximum reproducibility . With MaxPeak HPS Technology and flexible pump configurations, your lab can easily and reliably migrate methods between MaxPeak HPS systems quickly, saving you time and money from unnecessary rework. You can also migrate methods from non-MaxPeak HPS-enabled systems safely, as method performance of non-metal-sensitive compounds have been shown to not be adversely affected.

Combining higher data quality with ease of use for your analysts and seamless method transfer, enables results that can be generated consistently between runs and with various analysts.

With confidence.

 Comparison of adenosine triphosphate and adenosine diphosphate peaks using a conventional LC system and the Arc Premier Solution over 120 injections. The peak areas of metal-sensitive compounds remain constant with the Arc Premier Solution.

Reducing analytical uncertainty and achieving peace of mind are important for your organization. With MaxPeak HPS Technology, metal-sensitive analytes become visible that were previously undetectable. This allows you to quickly and confidently know that you’ve seen everything in your sample, giving you the confidence to stand behind your data-driven decisions.

The combination of MaxPeak HPS Technology, flexible pump and column management options, and precise optical and MS detection give you the method development and verification capabilities to know that no matter the sample – you can deliver a robust method you can stand behind.

By eliminating the need of time-consuming system passivation, your organization can both decrease the time to obtain results as well as reduce excessive mobile phase consumption. This gives your laboratory more confidence in meeting timeline, budgetary, and sustainability goals.